Toddler Music

Come join us for the sweet sounds and movements of our toddler music class led by the talented Ms. Kirsten! Developed specifically for early childhood, the First Steps in Music curriculum will have your little one exploring a world of sound right here in our beautiful, sunlit space.

Classes begin with 15 minutes of free play for caregiver and child. An assortment of musical instruments, sound-making, and movement-friendly toys are made available. Caregivers are encouraged to engage with the toys and instruments and lead children in musical exploration! From there, we circle up for a guided “musical workout” which includes Pitch Exploration, Echo and Call-and-Response Songs, Movement Exploration, Finger Plays, Action Songs, Simple Circles & Songs, Beat Motions, Arioso (“spontaneous” songs), and Songtales (teacher sings a story for the class). Caregivers should participate alongside their children, learning all the songs and rhymes for repetition at home.

Intended Audience:  Walkers – 5 years old and a caregiver. Siblings under 12 months attend for free.

Cost: $18

Online scheduling