Tiny Dancers

Join us for our newest offering: Tiny Dancers! A playful adventure into rhythm, movement, and music, Tiny Dancers provides an environment for little ones to build coordination and balance, while engaging their imagination and having fun!  This class is sure to get your little ones moving and grooving, using fun props and songs, meaningful movements, and fun activities! 

Intended Audience: Walkers – 5 years old and a caregiver (please email if you feel your child is out of this age range, but a good fit for the program). Siblings under 12 months attend for free.

Drop off option: Children under 2.9 years can be dropped off if a parent remains on campus. Children 2.9 and older, can be dropped off without a parent remaining on campus.

Duration: 45 minutes (four-class series)

Cost: $90 (four-class series)

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