The Nature of Nursing

Come learn the basics of healthy breastfeeding in this offering from our prenatal series. Covering everything you need to know to ensure you and your baby have a happy, healthy breastfeeding experience, and based on the acclaimed Plumtree Baby Breastfeeding curriculum, this class is essential for moms planning to nurse their little ones. Topics covered during class include:

  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Anatomy of Breastfeeding 
  • Milk Production
  • Latch and Positioning 
  • Pumping 
  • Breastfeeding Challenges
  • Breastfeeding Lifestyle

Intended Audience: Expectant parents. We recommend enrolling in prenatal classes between 30 and 35 weeks of pregnancy, however you are welcome to enroll at any time that works best for you.

Duration: The Nature of Nursing is offered on a weekday evening from 6:30-8:30pm. This class is also available as a private class, scheduled around the customer’s schedule. Please email for further information.

Cost: $80

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