PRISM Parenting Program

Discover the PRISM program: A relationship-focused approach to understanding your child

PRISM is a 4-part program for parents looking to build connection and support your child’s behavior by strengthening your capacity for Parenting, Relationships, Insightfulness, Sensory processing knowledge and Meaning Making in order to see your child and their behavior through a new lens.

This program was developed for the parent in mind.  Parenting children can have its moments of joy along with times of frustration.  The relationship with our children is at the foundation of how we respond, engage, and support them in all the moments we share together.  When our child is expressing strong emotions or challenging behaviors, it can be difficult to stay present and connected in these moments. In order to address these strong emotions and behaviors with insightfulness, we have to understand the “why” behind them. Our behavior is often shaped by how we experience the sensations of our environment and how our loved ones respond to us. When we understand the “why” and make meaning of our child’s behavior, we can better meet our child’s needs and build a stronger connection with our child. 

Through this group we hope to build a community of connection for parents. When we support one another with our shared experiences, we see we are not alone on this journey.

This program is now being offered as a hybrid group, consisting of a 3-hour in-person meeting which will cover Parts 1 & 2 of the program, followed by two 90-minute virtual meetings covering Parts 3 and 4 respectively. 

Intended Audience: Parents of children ages 3-10

Duration: One 3-hour in-person session, and two 90 minute virtual sessions (total of 6 hours)

Cost: $150 (3 sessions)

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