Our Story

Founded in January 2020, Nature and Nurture began with an idea between two friends and colleagues who wanted to turn their own education, energy and experience into a resource for growing families.  Kateri and Courtney first met working together at a maternal wellness center, and when that center closed, they knew they had to find a way to continue the work that they had  found such passion and fulfillment in.  Originally slated to launch in May of 2020, Nature and Nurture’s opening had to be delayed due to the global pandemic.  When the world began to look more promising, Courtney and Kateri began planning to get Nature and Nurture up and running in 2021, with a recognition that families needed support, perhaps now more than ever.  Courtney and Kateri hope that Nature and Nurture will provide an environment where all families can access high quality education, engaging infant and toddler activities, and enriching support groups to help  grow and thrive.  Kateri and Courtney have truly loved every moment of building Nature and Nurture together, and they hope that all families who utilize the center will find as much joy and fulfillment within its walls as they have!