Kreative Kids

Introducing our newest program at Nature and Nurture – Kreative Kids! Get your creativity flowing for this 2 hour program, encompassing a 45-minute Toddler Art class, 15 minute story time, and 1 hour of open play. During our art class kids will love engaging in both structured and unstructured arts and crafts projects, where they will have free reign to explore materials and see where their creativity takes them! Following the class, little ones will enjoy a story-time while the classroom transforms into a playroom filled with opportunities to use their imagination, engage in gross motor activities, and practice socializing with other little ones their age!

Intended Audience: Children ages 2 – 5 years old and a caregiver (please email if you feel your child is out of this age range, but a good fit for the program). Siblings under 12 months attend for free.

Drop off option: Children under 2.9 years can be dropped off if a parent remains on campus. Children 2.9 and older can be dropped off without a parent remaining on campus.

Duration: 2 hours (four-class series)

Cost: $130 (four-class series)

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