Providing Families with Educational Classes,
Support Groups, and Enriching Activities
from Pregnancy through Preschool​

Our Offerings

At Nature and Nurture, our goal is for families to grow and thrive through a two-pronged approach of education and enrichment designed to complement the development of each family’s unique journey. Through a combination of evidence-based educational classes and warm, supportive, educator-facilitated groups, we hope to nurture the innate potential of each family we meet.

Prenatal Classes

Infant & Toddler Classes

About Us

Nature and Nurture was formed in 2020 by two friends and colleagues who started with the belief that all families should have access to quality education and support during the transition to and early years of parenthood. Beginning with pregnancy and spanning through school-aged, we offer families education and support groups taught and facilitated by certified educators. Our classes include prenatal offerings, as well as toddler and preschool programming, and our support groups span every age and stage of early parenthood. Nature and Nurture is a place for families to come together, meet their village, and access high-quality education and support so they can grow together.

Meet the Owners

Kateri Kaloyanides & Courtney Macedo


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